How to write a speech

or what to do BEFORE you open your mouth

Speak Easy FINAL copy (1)

Need to write a speech?

This one-hour read makes it easy. It doesn’t matter if you’re a student, a member of a wedding party or a business owner, SPEAK EASY gives you the insight, the skill and the confidence to write the best speech of your life.

Can this book really help?

Absolutely. SPEAK EASY: A Short Guide to a Great Speech makes it simple to craft a winning presentation that captures your key points, creates a compelling argument and boosts your confidence as a public speaker. Aimed at the average person, SPEAK EASY offers a practical solution to the daunting challenge of writing a successful speech.

Still not sure?

Click here to read the full Introduction to the book. You’ll find SPEAK EASY easy to follow and easy on your wallet — just $6.99 for an instant download (epub or mobi).