Inside the book

SPEAK EASY: A Short Guide to a Great Speech makes it simple to craft a winning presentation that captures your key points, creates a compelling argument and boosts your confidence as a public speaker.
     It doesn’t matter if you’re a student or a best man, speaking about global climate change or just reminiscing about a childhood friend, you’ll benefit from the no-nonsense advice offered by this guidebook.
     Based on his years of experience with exacting clients, veteran speechwriter Barry Potyondi will lead you through the six essential steps that always precede a great speech:


Step 1: Define the goal

Step 2: Identify the audience

Step 3: Check out the venue

Step 4: Research your subject

Step 5: Organize your content

Step 6: Write the speech


Included are easy-to-follow examples showing the six steps in action. The guidebook also recommends in-depth manuals on speechwriting that you can use to hone your skills as you gain experience and confidence. Invest one hour in reading SPEAK EASY and see how you, too, can write a speech that will impress any audience.

     To download your copy of SPEAK EASY (in epub or mobi format) for just $6.99, click here.




About the author

Award-winning author, speechwriter and communications strategist, Barry Potyondi has written speeches for clients ranging from nervous first-time award winners to chief executive officers of global Fortune 500 corporations. SPEAK EASY: A Short Guide to a Great Speech is his sixth non-fiction book.